Shipyard Welding Jobs!

Shipyard Welding Jobs for Ship Fitters, Structural Welders, Pipe Fitters and Pipe Welders

This page is broken down into a three main categories and they are:

  • Ship Yards that Hire Welders, Fitters and All Craft Jobs Directly.
  • Staffing Companies and Recruiters that Hire Temporary Help for shipyards.
  • Apprenticeship Programs that Will Pay You to Learn How to Fit and Weld.

List of Ship Yards that Hire Shipbuilding Trades People

Here is a list of shipyards that hire welders, fitters, pipe welders, pipe fitters, marine electricians and all of the other trades that ship building requires. This list is sorted by location for your convenience and requires that you check their sites to find jobs.

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I hope you find this list useful.

United States Gulf of Mexico






West Coast and Pacific






Mid Atlantic States


Shipyard Apprenticeship Programs