The Art of Welding

Last Updated/Verified: Mar 22, 2024

Welding refers to a fabrication process that causes coalescence between materials such as metals, thermoplastics, and others. In welding, heat is used to melt the workpieces, and a filler material is used to form a weld pool or molten material. When the weld pool solidifies, a strong joint will be formed. Welding is an important process for the construction of various objects and structures, and it can be applied to the creation of functional objects as well as works of art, such as sculptures. The process of welding functional objects is often uncomplicated, because it is performed with the sole purpose of joining materials together. Sculptural welding, on the other hand, requires extensive knowledge and skill, because it involves welding materials of different shapes and colors. Here are links to more information about the art of welding.

Famous Metal Work Artists

  • Henry Moore: BBC web page that contains lots of information about legendary English sculptor Henry Moore.
  • Alexander Calder: A foundation that is dedicated to promoting appreciation for the works of Alexander Calder, a famous sculptor who had perfected the art of sculptural welding.
  • David Smith: Website dedicated to American sculptor David Smith.
  • Antoine Pevsner: Biography of renowned sculptor Antoine Pevsner, who is highly regarded for his innovative welding techniques.
  • Anthony Caro: Official website of Anthony Caro, one of the most important contemporary English sculptors.
  • Richard Hunt: Comprehensive information about modern American sculptor Richard Hunt.
  • Julio Gonzalez: Biography of Spanish artist and sculptor Julio Gonzalez, who was a master of sculptural welding.
  • Beverly Pepper: Website that contains biography and images of the works of American sculptress Beverly Pepper.
  • Vera Mukhina: The life and achievements of Vera Mukhina, the Queen of Soviet Sculpture.
  • Eila Hiltunen: Website constructed in remembrance of pioneer modern sculptress Eila Hiltunen.

Famous Sculptures

  • Worker and Kolkhoz Woman: Images of the Vera Mukhina's Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, one of the earliest welded sculptures.
  • Cubi XX: Photo of Cubi XX, a welded stainless steel sculpture by David Smith.
  • Large Arch: Picture and description of the Large Arch, a famous sculpture by Henry Moore.
  • Odalisque: The welded steel sculpture Odalisque by Anthony Caro.
  • Chicago Picasso: Photographs of an untitled welded sculpture by Picasso in Chicago's Civic Center Plaza.
  • Maternity: Information about the Maternity, an abstract steel sculpture by Julio Gonzalez.
  • Harlem Hybrid: Article that discusses the Harlem Hybridsculpture by Richard Hunt.

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