Green Collar Jobs

Last Updated/Verified: Apr 4, 2024

The Ultimate Green Collar Job – Huge Demand, Great Pay, No Degree Required!

Green jobs seem to be the future of the world economy! No matter where you look there is a need for clean energy and the world’s demands for clean energy keep growing. We all know that sooner or later we will have a green economy, but what types of skills will be needed? Just looking at the current energy solutions, there are no clear-cut answers.

Some examples of clean energy are:


Natural Gas

Wind / Water



And the list goes on……

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists this is what they have to say about a single energy solution:

No single solution can meet our society’s future energy needs. The answer lies instead in a family of diverse energy technologies that share a common thread: they do not deplete our natural resources or destroy our environment. Renewable energy technologies tap into natural cycles and systems, turning the ever-present energy around us into usable forms.

Looking at all of these industries, they have one thing in common! Metal and lots of it! Ethanol production, natural gas pipelines, wind and water turbines, solar panels and nuclear power plants all require massive structures, piping systems and large holding tanks. The one skill that is needed for all of these green energy solutions is welding!

Welding is not only a green collar job, but even in these tough times there is huge demand for this skill! Skilled welders are hard to find and can earn a doctor's salary! Just recently the New York Times ran a story about the demand for welders and it begins with this quote:

Just as the recession began, Chris McGrary, a manager at the Cianbro Corporation, set out to hire 80 "experienced" welders. Only now, 18 months later, is he completing the roster.

Even without working in the green industries, there are a ton of welding job opportunities currently available to skilled welders only. So what happens when clean energy takes off? Bidding wars will explode in order to get welders in the door. I have seen this first hand where companies start doing “whatever it takes” to get these people in the door! Skill is the name of the game and it is not easy to find. Some fortune 100 companies like even have their own training centers because the skills they need are simply not available. These welding programs are designed to train welders to the highest level. I personally attended Fluor's craft training program and they expect absolute perfection. Welders must be able to weld in any position, and must be capable of welding with either their left or right hand without any flaws. It's like learning to write left and right handed in any position with perfect penmanship at all times!

Welding is a great career choice that not only has demand in green energy industries, but also gives you some of these opportunities!

      • Welders can make more money than doctors.
      • Travel the world all expenses paid.
      • Welders have more career choices (Engineering, computer programming, education, and science all involve welding).
      • Welders work underwater, on land, in laboratories or even in outer space.
      • Welders make a difference in the world. Almost everything we see and touch is a result of welding technologies.
      • Welding skills are in demand all over the world.

The facts are nobody knows what green energy solutions will make it, but no matter what industry you chose welding is where the demand will be. Why not make a difference in the world by helping it go clean and green? Go after the one not-so-obvious, well-paying career choice as a welder. Not sure? How about the ability to make six figures a year without a college degree? Not only will you make great money, but you will also have the time to enjoy it, you’ll travel the world, be respected for what you can do and not who you know, and still help the world be a cleaner,greener, better place!