Make It Better!

Last Updated/Verified: Nov 27, 2022

Can You Make It Better?

What can you make better than anyone else? If you are a welder can you make the best welds or a better product? Here is an example of an area that you can make it better. Chrome heavy wall pipe welds are big money, really big money, as in a 20" pipe with a wall thickness of 2" plus inches gets about a $50,000.00 price tag (not for you) from the general contractor or engineering company (the business that got the work, you know the 20%) for a good x-ray quality weld that takes a week to do. Most businesses struggle with them and hire outside contractors for a set hourly rate to make the welds. It is a high risk weld in terms of the welder's health and the weld x-ray failure rate on the open root. If you can come in and offer your services to major power plant builder for the right price then you would likely have work all around the world, simple servicing this type of welding. It's a tough gig but there are people out there that make a living doing this.

Can you improve a product? If so, then you might just have a solid idea and stable work stream coming in for your product. Every product out there has been already made but the new ones that make it are successful because they are either:

  • Priced Lower
  • More Useful
  • Look Better

You need to think of yourself as a buyer of a product and find things that would makes someone's life easier and work on that concept to improve or create a new product! It is not easy but if you can do that it will pay off in the long run!

This is a creativity game that requires the most odd ball welders, creative fabricators and artistic people out there. Welding is an art but the majority of welders are not artists. Talented welders are like tattoo artists, and surgeons in that, they are both in high demand, but never available. Both are common but few make a real impression. The bottom line is do you have a product you can make that is great or a new idea or concept? If not, then you need to focus on either your sales efforts, marketing or underbidding your competitors to get the job.

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