What Do You Have To Offer?

Last Updated/Verified: Jan 1, 2023

What Makes Your Welding Business Unique?

Are you so good at welding that no one else can do what you do? Probably, the answer is no. There are exceptions, but they are very rare, and the chances are they are not you or I. What do you have to offer that is new or unique? These are questions you need to answer as a welding business owner.

In most cases you will offer the same services as the next business owner. You need to stand out and this comes down to being a better sales person. Can you do the job better, cheaper, faster or both? For most of the welding jobs it comes down to cost and time. Nobody really cares about anything else, and that is why your competition that may be a great deal less skilled than you are, gets more business than they can handle. Your competitors price and time table promise were just right. This is an example of welding business competition that the new owner will face. The business owner must find his own way to win the business. One thing that can be done is to produce a very complimentary work history, and provide references that could be checked, even references from friends, photographs of work would be helpful. You must appear as a well organized, competent, highly professional welder.

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