Business Legal Advice

Last Updated/Verified: Jan 6, 2024

Legal Advice for Welding Business Owners

Yes, you probably will need a lawyer for your business.

Remember; What you don't know, can hurt you. The law does not offer the same protection to a business owner, that it does to a consumer. As a consumer you have many rights, and businesses must ensure they do not take advantage of you. When you start a business all of your deals come down to what is in the contract. Whatever agreement you make with someone verbally, means little, unless that is the exact wording in the contract, and is signed by both parties. A common practice of established business owners, is to get new businesses to agree to something, and then sign another agreement in a contract. They know that you need the work, and will, without delay, sign on the dotted line. They take advantage of you, and you legally have no right to anything, other than what you have signed in the contract. It all comes down to what a judge would rule and that is always what is in the contract. Remember, when you rent a space for your business, commercial realty is like the Wild West. You do not have the same protection that you would if you were involved in residential real estate.

When it comes to running a business you will encounter every scam that exists. A lot of them come from some big names that you are familiar with, and perhaps already trust. The business world is a war, where your enemies always come to you with a smile, and most importantly a great story as to why you need to do what they say. If you can't handle that, then you need to forget about owning a business. This is the real world, and not the propaganda that we all learn about how respectable business people are. The only respect they have is for money.

Business is business and nothing more. Be friendly but always alert to tricks, scams and lies that will be used to get you to agree to an unprofitable contract, or a bad lease.

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