Ready to Start a Welding Business?

Last Updated/Verified: Dec 6, 2022


If you are considering starting a welding business, this book will provide all the information you need. But, please consider these two most important facts.

1. Most welding businesses fail, through the fault of the owner, the reasons are explained in this chapter.
2. Welding businesses owners are no longer just welders, they are first and foremost, business owners. It is a big change, and not all can make it.

The reality is that new business owners have many new responsibilities and skills to master. They must do whatever it takes to get business in the door. That does not include anything to do with welding. In time, with work, they become competent in the many areas needed for success. They develop their talents, their business skills and a different mind-set. Right here and right now, you need to understand that this piece of information is worth the price of this book, and could save you tens of thousands of dollars. If you want to succeed in starting a welding business then you must be focused on a great many different tasks that are unrelated to welding, these include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Networking

It is a fact that successful Welding, Fabrication, and Manufacturing Business Owners Are Good Sales People.

You might ask why? You won't be welding, unless you have closed a deal and have a paying customer who wants your services! Success depends upon the welding business owner becoming very competent in several very different job skills, responsibilities and ultimate goals. Welding business owners spend their time marketing, knocking on doors, cold calling strangers and doing sales and administrative work.

Welding is no longer a priority. Yes, you will make money welding, but you need to get the work first. If you do not get business in the door, you will fail. That is what running a welding, or any business requires, and that fact is never discussed. You need to ask why? Most books and business services, claim they only want to be positive, and do not want to discuss the negative sides of business. The reason is simple. They wish to sell the new business owner unneeded services, and that is the truth! The real question is; are you willing to focus on sales, marketing and networking for at least the first few years?

Your new business demands that you become an effective and aware business owner, while welding and fabricating at the same time. Those new obligations coupled with unfamiliar, and stressful, work responsibilities can make aspiring welding business people vulnerable to predators. Once you are a new business owner there will be predators who want a piece of your business. They come in the form of "helpful services", and have very good reasons, as to why what they are selling is going to help you make money. They acquire your personal information from sources that show new businesses, and they prey on new business people. All of their, "helpful services" are geared to take as much money from you as possible, before you go broke, and/or give up. These "services" come in all forms and types.

You must focus on, keeping your expenses low, and meeting the right people. As far as these predators are concerned, the newer you are, and the less you know, the easier their sale. They are professional sales people preying on new business people looking for quick answers to their problems. The sales people do this by promising the customer the answer to any difficulty. Do not buy into the hype or urgency. Urgency is the main sales technique they use. They will say there are only two spots left and one is already gone. Get used to the high pressure sales pitches, or sob stories. They come across hundreds of people like you every day, and it is their job to close you. Just remember this; every sales call has a winner and loser. They are either closing you or you close them. As a business owner you must accept the fact that you are in a financial war, this is how the business world works. The information that you need is in this book, and in your will to succeed, and not give up.

This book is available on Amazon for $34.99.

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