Hawaii Shipyard Welding Jobs!

Last Updated/Verified: Apr 7, 2024

Hawaii Shipyard Welding Jobs and a List of Ship Builders and Dry Docks

Here is a list of shipyards, ship builders and dry dock ship repair services that hire welders in Hawaii. You need to go through their sites and find out if they are hiring. Depending on the positions and demand, sometimes you need to go through a shipyard or maritime staffing company.

BAE Systems
Job Site: www.baesystems.jobs

Address: Cushing St, Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

Phone: (808) 682-1333

Address: 91-607 Malakole Road, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

Pacific Shipyards International
Phone: (808) 848-6211

Address: P.O. Box 31328 Honolulu (Pier 41 Honolulu Harbor), Hawaii 96820