Dealing with Family and Friends

Last Updated/Verified: Dec 18, 2022

How to Deal with Partners, Friends and Family in a Welding Business

This is a touchy subject and it needs to be addressed correctly. Since this is a business everything needs to be on paper. Best friends, family and lovers all want to help but there is a time where you need to separate ties and emotions for the greater good. Everything is fine until you become successful, because you read this book. In reality, your success is up to you and the choices you make. Friends and family will sooner or later become jealous, if you make it big. Be upfront, honest and say what you want out of this?

Get a contract signed and make it clear as to what is expected. If they pull the "but we are family or friends" story, then tell them you don't want to risk the relationship and that is why we should all agree upon a deal on paper. This is how marriages and most partnerships go bad, and why low income people never get ahead. Rich people know what is expected because everything is in a contract. Besides that, they stick together. Poor people all want to help each other until one person gets ahead, then, in many cases, jealousy creates a situation that will undermine and destroy the successful business owner. Best friends become best enemies. If you want to avoid the situation, with legal help, write a contract and don't assume anything.

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