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The welding information on this site is about the four most common types of welding processes used that employers are looking for. The welding processes this site is focused on are:

TIG Welding Stick Welding MIG Welding Flux Cored Arc Welding

TIG Welding thin wall stainless steel pipe with gas purging.

TIG Welding Stainless

Stick Welding stainless steel pipe to plate wit a e308-16 electrode

Stick Welding

MIG welder welding a36 mild steel using a C25 gas mixture and er70s electrode.

MIG Welding

Flux cored arc welding dual shield electrode in the overhead position on a36 mild steel.

Flux Cored Arc Welding

These are the types of welding processes that are taught in welding schools and are used in the majority of industries from ship building to nuclear power plant construction. If you have any doubts just search any employment ads for welding jobs or visit a welding supply store!

This site is broken down into 7 categories:

  1. Welding Information
  2. Schools and Colleges
  3. Apprenticeship Programs
  4. Welding Certification Guides
  5. Jobs and Employers
  6. How to Start a Welding Business
  7. Supplies, Equipment and Services Directory

Welding Information

TIG welding stainless steel railing using free hand welding technique.

TIG welding stainless steel pipe on the Carnival Spirit cruse ship.

Most of the welding information here focuses on Stick/SMAW Welding, TIG /Tungsten Inert Arc Welding, MIG/Metal Inert Gas Welding and FCAW/Flux Cored Are Welding because those are the welding process used for most jobs! The information is very accurate because I personally wrote everything from first hand experience!

On top of that GoWelding.Org has all of the important info you need covered and a ton of stuff that books don’t! For example how to weld with ceramic backing tape! Every shipyard requires that skill and nobody teaches it! I hate to say it but most welding books are written by writers who never welded! Even the people who run the American Welding Society don’t know how to weld! Many of the sites out there are just marketing people pretending to be experts! The information on this site is text book accurate!

Welding Schools and Colleges

GoWelding.Org’s Welding School and College Directory has a detailed list of welding schools and colleges that offers our hand picked career level training. There are many schools that have welding programs but are not at the level needed in this job market! The schools in our welding school directory are hand selected for their quality training based on what the job market needs. I do not promote any schools that lack minimum training requirements. We also cover underwater welding schools or commercial diving training centers.

If a school is a member of the GoWelding.Org Network then its the best training you can get as a welder! Give them a call!


If you are looking for a apprenticeship program we have a list of shipyards apprenticeships and Union apprenticeship programs that have paid hands on training programs while you work. Tough to get in but worth it! If you want to learn how to really weld there is no better place then a large shipyard! A shipyard will teach you how to weld pipe in any position both left and right handed with mirrors all the way to exotic metals like titanium and inconel that are are just to expensive to practice on in a school or on most job sites.

Welding Certification Guides and Information

Successful FCAW Welding Certification Bend Test

Successful FCAW Welding Certification Bend Test

If you are looking for welding certification information, costs and guides on how to pass most common welding certifications then this is the only place you will find that. These welding certification/welder qualification tests are the real test and not a simulation and are exactly what you will need to pass! They were all supervised by a CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) and everything was done up to code rules!

Jobs and Employment

Industrial Shutdown Workers

Industrial Shutdown

The welding jobs section of this site focuses on high paying welding jobs. It’s a list of employers that are always looking for welders and many other crafts. These are the types of jobs that many times require travel and are for the experienced only. The jobs range from shipyards hiring, to welder staffing companies and even Unions. It’s a good list to have and a must for those looking for the big paychecks.

Starting a Welding Business

The Welding Business Owners Handbook

The Welding Business Owners Handbook

The Starting a Welding Business section is the beginning of a book written by me that is available for purchase through Amazon for $34,99. For many who plan to open a business this book is a must read! Do not spend a penny on anything else until after you read that book! There is a HUGE difference between being a welder or employee vs a successful business owner and again this is all first hand information!

Suppliers, Equipment and Service Directory

This is the newest part of the site. I am adding a directory of welding supplies, equipment and businesses worth knowing about. For example where to buy pipe beveling equipment.

If you like this site and have found it really helpful tell your friends, teachers or anyone who can use by linking to it and spreading the word or just add your vote with the Google plus or Facebook!

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